Ready for massive transformation, breakthroughs, up-leveling and quantum results? (Think going from 6 figures to multi 6 figures, or multi 6 figures to 7 & multi 7 figures….yup, that’s the magic that is created in you and me working together now)


You’re so ready now, aren’t you? If you resonate with any of the following “titles” and you are looking for high-level 1:1 VIP private or semi private support in all the things Corin’s coaching Trifecta the subconscious/NLP work, the energetics and embodiment pieces, and the re-conditioning alignment (HD) and marketing principles pieces, then you’ve come to the right place!

I'm Ready Now!

So if you are:

  • A business, spiritual, life, mindset, manifestation or empowerment or health/fitness coach
  • A course creator 
  • A female entrepreneur
  • A corporate 9-5er or executive or… 
  • A Real Estate Badass

Maybe you’ve already worked on your personal development/awareness/healing journey but still feel a little scattered and are maybe running an old pattern or trauma response that’s trying to creep back up…

So if you are tired of:

  • Not feeling that lit up and excited anymore and maybe even had periods of wanting to leave life behind 
  • Feeling tired and burnout 
  • Feeling and thinking: I don't know how to do it or how to make it consistent 
  • Letting money shame or guilt take over around debt and seeing it as bad/wrong instead of an abundance mechanism 
  • Being confused on the flow or structure or all the things you’re hearing, reading, seeing in this space 
  • Thinking and feeling like you don’t have the time! Or what will people say or think about me?! 
  • Lacking confidence in yourself and what you have to offer
  • Not being able to define what it is I bring to the table
  • So over being taught and believing that actions speak louder than words and talking yourself up is boastful or wrong…


And you are looking for my 1:1 high level support in:

  • Turning your sneaky mindset blocks into your biggest purpose, passion and paycheck cash up-levels
  • Bringing your vision board dreams to life and manifest them into reality now 
  • Monetizing your business, to generate more sales, revenue and impact 
  • Creating a business model, offers, product suite (retreats, courses, masterminds, etc.) that feel good AF to you! 
  • Building yours & others self worth and creating a massive ripple of impact and change in yours, your clients, and your family/kids/SOs lives as well! 
  • Fulfilling your potential and living for your desires and adventuring and traveling more 
  • Feeling recognized & helping people build their self-worth, transform their life, make authentic connections, and have incredible experiences. 
  • Feeling reconnect, lit up and turned on and passionate about life 
  • Feeling sexy, grounded, and empowered as a woman
I know you know that you are here now and wondering what it’s like to work together and it’s a good thing to wonder…
So I am so glad that God, Angles, Universe, or Source (GAUS as I call it) you are interested in working together.

I have a number of different options that you can choose from to work with me now (either 1:1 straight up high-level private coaching, my Ascension to Wealth semi-private hybrid mastermind (for the SHEO & Wealthy Goddess that’s waiting to be activated) or Breakthrough Weekends or Days.
I'm ready!

So what to do now:

  • 1) Read of the 1:1 ways to work with me below or click the Ascension to Wealth semi-private hybrid mastermind
  • 2) What to do → if you feel called to send me a DM to chat about which option you’re interested in/vibing with, then please let me know or you can directly checkout or apply with the links below! Whichever feels the most supportive for you to do as that next action step! 
  • 3) NOTE: *Spots available on a first come, first serve basis. For March 16th- April 16th 2022, I have one 4 1:1 spots available. Once they are gone, they are gone. (I barely open up spaces for 1:1 or high-level access to me.)


Inside of my 1:1 Coaching:

  • You and I will work privately, deeply and go on a journey together in this expansive container . What will evolve during our time spent working together will always depend on what you’re needing at that time and is a fluid journey. Here’s some things we can work on together and what will be included: 

    • Access to my full product suite/programs and any mastermind calls, etc. (this is available for 6-month option)  Aligned + feminine business strategy (with masculine balance and structure) 
    • Overall our time working together now, will look like, sound like and feel like: 
      • Finding the “missing link” ...Using all the above to deconditioning (using NLP, somatic/energy healing + Human Design basics) what you thought it had to be or should be to help you launch/sell/create/be in alignment 
      • Having a soulful & trauma-informed touch, coaching, and/or sales & marketing, so you can speak to your ideal clients, create a vibe and feel NEXT LEVEL
      • Using my coaching trifecta & principles (see below) + my 4Rs UPLEVELED MIND phases & Magnetic Abundance Method frameworks to recall, release, reprogram & re-invent or up-level where needed! 
    • Subconscious/NLP work 
      • This can include but is not limited to: inner child, ego mirror or shadow work, higher self integration work, and any of the NLP techniques such as hypnosis, EFT tapping, TIME Techniques, Life & Success/Potential Coaching, Reiki)
      • Inner Child Reparenting and/or Money Healing 
      • THE SEXY Deep “UNSEXY” Inner Work so you can heal + return to your true core essence (think goddess, opulence, confidence) + have more ease, flow, safety & alignment in your life
    •  Energetics &/or Embodiment work 
      • This can include, look like, sound like and/or feel like: Attachment Repair + Somatic Healing (Think BREATHEWORK, hypnosis crack wide open breathwork, energetically tracking and body-level DNA upgrades and releasing of old attachments and patterns + calibrating to your new wealth frequency
      • Energy/somatic healing (Reiki, hypno-crack-open breathwork, breathwork, meditations & guided hypnosis) 
      • Spiritual development or furthering your intuitive abilities
      • Releasing & clearing negative emotions or limiting beliefs 
      • Sticking things into a future timeline so that you manifest them more quickly & collapse time around your goal 
      • Hypnosis & Subconscious Transformation including reprogramming, reconditioning and reparenting 
      • SHEO (aka CEO) embodiment and leadership (from a fem energy perspective too)
    • Alignment & Foundational principles work (to build or rebuild strong foundations)
      • Marketing principles (because tactics and strategies change over time but principles and strategies don’t!) 
      • HD basics for deconditioning or alignment work (using NLP techniques to support here) 
      • -Launch Support + Messaging, Support with Content Creation or Other Business Tasks (Google Drive Folders for review or Asana board to stick things in for me to review when needed)
      • Marketing support
      • Hiring, Team & Outsourcing work and being the CEO (SHEO)!
      • Launch Support + Messaging, Support with Content Creation or Other Business Tasks (Google Drive Folders for review or Asana board to stick things in for me to review when needed)
      • Launching with more ease + flow & still seeing results
      • Balancing the masculine + fem energies in business (support vs flow)

Preview of Corin’s Clients'

Wins & Testimonials

From zero clients online to $18K in Q1 & $12-20K months after using these techniques and healing her inner child with Corin & Magnetic Abundance Coaching Method & NLP tools!

-Beth, Fitness & Nutrition Coach/BA

I was drawn to Corin’s energy from the start. And she embodies an abundant badass boss babe that I strive for and I felt that she could help me get through the limiting beliefs and blocks that have been stopping me from achieving my goals and dreams. So far I have felt more confident in myself and my abilities, and how I present myself. I have gotten my first one-on-one client and launched my subscription box company - finally - that I've been planning for almost a year!

-Mallory, Entrepreneur

Say no more, I’m in already!

How do I know?

Allow me to introduce myself.


I’m Corin Harris an NLP Mindset and Spiritual Business Coach

for Female Entrepreneurs,

Online Coaches

and Course Creators.


I took action.

And now I am a Master Success Coach, Reiki Master, NLP Certification Trainer

and CEO of a multiple 6-figure (growing to 7 figures) Coaching Empire!

In 2018, I found myself in $40,000 of credit card debt and the relationship with myself & my significant going down the drain.

I was miserable at my corporate marketing job. I was burnt out being an assistant coach & all the things. I found myself blacking out every weekend from drowning my sorrows in alcohol. Spending thousands on things that depressed me.

I was holding onto limiting beliefs, shame, guilt, fear & judgement. (Even around making & spending money) 

I quit my business at one point, I tried to run and hide.

Finally, I pulled my head out of my ass and fears. I decided to do something about it. 

I deepened my understanding of the subconscious mind, somatic nervous system healing, the science behind manifestation & spirituality.

Over the past THREE years,

I’ve healed the top 5 areas of my life.

Relationships, Business, Wealth, Personal / Spiritual Development Growth and Health.

Subconsciously and on a Cellular Level (Nervous system, DNA and Energetically) in order to hold and receive Abundance, Prosperity and Wealth.

And I want that for you too!

Client Testimonials because...We can provide and assist quantum ripple effect in our coaching.

From zero to $8K+ months consistently and $29K in Q1!!



Working with Corin has been AMAZING! I cannot believe how much it has changed my life - not just my bank account - but also my mindset! The techniques I’ve learned have set me and my business apart!


Hello to Manifesting your Desires,

Quantum Leaps, and Transformational Shifts


My Clients to You!