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For the coach or female entrepreneur ready to INVEST in her personal + spiritual growth so you can 3-10X your income & impact, heal self + others, and become a better communicator and/or coach, learn the science behind manifestation, get Corin's BONUSES for marketing/business strategies + get certified.  This is a board accredited NLP-based Certification. You get a community of likeminded women + get certified in 7 powerful modalities:  NLP, Clinical Hypnosis, EFT,  TIME Techniques™, Mindset/Life & Success Coaching, and Reiki Level 1 & 2 Attunement. (Available at Practitioner Level, Mastery Level or the Magnetic Abundance Bundle Both & Save Option! Click below for more!)

Magnetic Abundance (Method) Coaching Certification (board accredited!)
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For those who are looking to take their skills to the next deepest level of certification & have a hybrid certification /coaching & mastermind style program for 6-9 months OR who have already graduated a practitioner-level certification through ICBP or INEA board, and are ready to go deeper + want a hybrid mastermind experience ...then BUNDLE or Master Prac (aka Mastery Level) is the next move for you!



For BUNDLE BOTH Levels or Master Practitioner Only Certification Program - DM Corin "BUNDLE OR MASTER" for details

Ready for multiple 6-7 figure years? This is for you if you're a high-level, highly motivated woman who wants to create her most magnetic & abundant life of luxury, boujie lifestyle & business UNAPOLOGETICALLY! Experience quantum leaps & quicker manifestations through Corin's re-scripting & nervous systems regulation. #worksmarternotharder. THEN THIS IS FOR YOU! IT'S TIME NOW TO STEP INTO YOUR NEXT LEVEL OF ASCENSION & WEALTH! 

(Enrollment closed, but apply to be considered for waitlist & next opening)

Ascension to Wealth Mastermind

For the woman who knows she's worthy and know what it takes to get where she wants to be. Ready to be all in, grow into embodied wealth & next level! (Enrollment closed, but apply to be considered for waitlist & next opening)

1-on-1 VIP Highest Level Coaching

For the coach looking to ditch the limiting beliefs and learn the marketing techniques that will elevate her to 6-figure years and $5-$10k months. This is your blueprint to $100k. (Enrollment is closed. This is currently included as a FREE BONUS when you enroll into the Magnetic Abundance Certification)

Unleash Your UniQueen Mastermind